Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fresh Start.

Refurbished the blog. I've decided to forget making this a crafting blog and keep more of a journal of my day to day, and anything that catches my fancy.

I was introduced to a lovely site the other day. Real people post their fashion creations and you can search through and see what people all around the world find fashionable. I'm utterly addicted, and I've decided that girls in Sweden are much to pretty for their own good. has to be one of my favorite sites now. Maybe i'll post some of my personal favorites later.

Found a few gorgeous items from my favorite stores.

All my money seems to go to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. I found this gorgeous top (i love it in white), and i've decided that i'm going to buy it- along with this Hush-Hush tee in dark grey and these Nikki color-blocked pumps. Seriously, i love those shoes. I would wear them everyday. One (brown, with metal) and two (in teal) bracelets will reside on my arm as soon as i save up enough. Guess i should take that job at the local chocolate store, huh? Fashion seems to be ruling my wallet right now. I really want to change over my wardrobe from high school clothes to sophisticated, high quality clothes. That's all for now i think.
be inspired,

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